Pushmi Pullyu
703 College St,
Toronto, ON.
A variety of
things happen.


   “Dusting for Prints”                    

The name Dusting For Prints is an indicator of not only the meticulous process behind these works, but also the idea of uncovering traces of an impression or an event that may have long since passed.
Whereas Jason Deary’s past work has focused on the language and vocabulary of paintings, his recent paintings have been an exploration into another humanistic characteristic of art — it’s capacity for memory. Deary's latest work investigates a series of balances; presence vs. absence, record vs loss and confusion vs clarity.
Jason explores with a plethora of materials—from sheets of layered paint to a panel of chain-link security fence—to create the foundational fragments of these works. These individual components could be seen as memories in and of themselves — of the painting, layering, drying, tearing, arranging, rearranging, sealing and careful consideration that goes into crafting each piece.
Jason holds a BFA from The University of Windsor, an MFA from OCADU and completed a Work-Study Program at the Banff Centre. He works as an art handler and also teaches classes at the Art Gallery of Ontario. He is represented by MULHERIN Toronto.